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Friday, February 15, 2013


I am NOT going to put up another post predicting our electric service date. I will simply say it has been one weird trip. We had an electrician lined up, had the utility company out to set the pole, and then everything fell apart. We got another electrician, made our deposits, and then winter hit and we cannot lay underground lines in frozen ground. So whenever it thaws...we will see what the next hurdle is! I was surprised to see so many comment and views...I hadn't checked in since the post almost a year ago. And so much has happened since then, good and bad. I have a great deal to write when I do get time, but the library while paying bills is not the best frame of mind to post from. Our Father has been so good to us, bringing to us a family just like ours. Not only are we in agreement spiritually, they also live on a generator! I will be back soon, even if it is from a non-public computer. Blessings!


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH, I nearly did a triple take when I saw my reader have a updated post from you.. How are you friend.. YIPPIE skippie for the LoRd bringing yall a family that you can help rely on each other during these spiritual times.. Looking forward to your posts girl as always..

Jennifer C. Valerie said...

It's good to have friends who share similar views. I'm glad your family is blessed with that.

I'm catching up on blog reading and it was good seeing this update about you in my google reader today.

As a matter of fact I mentioned your name today to my hubby when he commented on the apron I was wearing(do you remember it?)

Take care

Anonymous said...

I had to hunt you down again, as the family and I are once again taking the steps necessary to become foster parents here in New York, just as we were in Oklahoma... Sure do miss your posts and honest anecdotes. Praying all is well with your family.

Anonymous said...

If you ever get on again... I do hope you will stop by and say hello... we miss you AMY... Much love and blessings to you and your family.