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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Out of the House

* updated with correct photos- using my mom's computer and a new camera!

The way the auction went, the land was parceled off and auctioned separately first, then there was the chance for someone to buy the whole thing at once for a higher price. The house ended up going by itself, the farthest building lot went by itself, and the remainder of the farm went as a chunk. Unfortunately, the buyer for the whole farm (who has the money but wanted to finance some of it since his sons and grand kids will be running it and he wanted them to work for it) has been going to different banks trying to finance as much as possible. This means a big delay for us, though we had to be out of our house by July 30th. So we are camped at the farm that belonged to my in-laws in our fancy tent. Until further notice..... though we did have our attorney call and he was told by the bank that the loan is now approved as the buyer had to just bite the bullet and put more down.

Unfortunately, since he is the source of most of the money, we cannot buy our new farm until his purchase closes. The title office told me end of September. I'm trying to be positive about it, but the fact that we are now without a home if the sale would fall through has me concerned. We could always move to the apartment above the milk house, though it is about 800 square feet.

So until we know for sure, we are camped. It is almost like a mini homestead because we planted winter squash up there in the spring thinking we could get them on one of the trips back. We also have our ponies and three new goats (one milking) and I've been making elderberry tinctures/syrup and processing tomatoes because they won;'t wait.


NeeCee said...

You are truly living the frontier existence! I am impressed you are canning in a tent. What a woman!

Bren said...

SO good to hear from you and "see" your life right now. You are such an inspiration to me! You have no idea!
The girls look so sweet. Beautiful pictures!
Praying everything goes through quickly and the sale is final BEFORE the end of September!