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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Camp Privy

*sorry- can't figure out how to flip pictures either!

I was already researching composting toilets for the new house as there is no indoor plumbing when I found out we would be boondocked at the old farmstead. I found a smaller version for the campsite that will also work when we get to the house.

*sorry- can't figure out how to flip pictures either!

I found privacy tents in the camping section on Amazon and bought two of each of the two models that looked best. I am glad as each worked the best for the purpose I intended. The tan is good for a bathroom. It has a pocket to hold a roll of paper at just the right height and has windows to allow ventilation. The light color keeps it from getting as hot as the green, which are our showers. I bought 6 solar shower bags and a galvanized tub at Tractor Supply which serves as the bathtub for the kids. The tent was not designed to hold the shower bags, however (the box to the shower showed it hanging from a tree) so we had to take the old swing set and put it on blocks to have something substantial to hold the weight of 10 gallons of water. The nice things about the green tents is their darker coloring makes them non-transparent. They also have a skinny pouch up high, which works for shampoo and would never work for TP.

The showers aren't bad at all as long as you do it before sundown, as they are not insulated to retain the warmth.


NeeCee said...

I so admire your sweet spirit. When other women might begin to grumble when things didn't happen the way they thought they would, you lifted your chin, put on a smile and made a new home for your family. This is going to be an experience no one in your family will ever forget and will be a memory you will all talk about for years after everyone is grown. "Remember when we lived in tents on the old farmstead? Those were happy days, weren't they?"

a soldiers wife said...

Wow! I've been away for awhile, and was pleasantly surprised when I opened my google reader today and was able to catch up with you. I admire your spirit and can do! And your description and pictures really show a true adventure. I'm really a bit jealous of your positive attitude. I hate to admit it, but I think (ok, I know) I would be a whiny, crying mess after a few hours.