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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Interesting Visitor

The census lady just left. I was perturbed that she came in the first place because we filled out the form and sent it back, but I wasn't surprised she came because all we answered was the number of people in our home on April 1. Nothing else. By law, we are not required to answer anything else. They try to scare you into submission by threatening fines or jail for not complying, but I did comply. It just wasn't to the level they wanted. I find it very telling that nowhere in any of the census stuff that is mailed out do they tell you directly what you are required by law to answer. So it went like this...

Census lady: Hi, I'm (I wasn't paying attention) from the census (she showed me ID) and I have a few questions for you. Is this (insert address)?

Me: Yes.

Census lady: And you were living here April 1st? This is not a vacation home?

Me: (Stifling giggles) It is the primary residence.

Census lady: And how many people were living here on April 1st?

Me: 9

Census lady: And your name is?

Me: Nope.

Census lady: Pardon me?

Me: No. I won't give my name. I'm a constitutionalists and by law only have to answer the number of people living here.

Census lady: So you're refusing to answer?

Me: Yes.

Census lady: Can I get your name then? (Tricky!!!)

Me: Nope.

Census lady: OK then. At least you were polite about it (I can imagine someone like my brother with a chew in and his hat sideways, packing heat on both sides, answering like that- poor lady probably would have keeled over).

Yeah, I saw all the advertisements. I know that to be a good citizen I should answer all the questions so we can get enough bridges and better schools, but I pay taxes for them, and the tax info along with traffic studies are enough to determine what is needed. Besides, I don't use public schools and I REALLY don't believe my filling out the census form in detail will improve them.

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Anonymous said...

HEAR HEAR HEAR and a HEARTY AMEN sister! I agree this census business and the very personal questions they were asking in the mail order formed ones taken me back quite a bit... They are better off saving thousands of dollars doing away with the paper trail(they say is going to be protected ha ha ha)and leaving us all alone.