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Friday, February 5, 2010


I'm Back?
Hello, Again?
Long Time, No Blog?

I'm not even sure anybody still checks in here except for those of you who have left me comments (and I sincerely apologize for just getting to them today). But between a hankering to write some things that are on my heart, and some requests for articles, I have a list of things to do here and so I have returned. Besides, I think it is good to take a break from anything that starts to feel like a distraction.

Last you heard from me I was going to start dwelling on whatever was lovely...and then my camera broke. Well, the camera is working again and I have a lot of lovely pictures but no desire to go back and load them all, so I’ll save them to use in the future if the need arises. One great part about living the life you want to live is that there are always photo ops!

Our lives certainly aren't any less hectic. In fact, we will be listing our farm and if it sells, we will be moving. This has been a very long and tough decision. We've gone back and forth, made lists, flipped a coin, prayed (though not enough), and sometimes sunk to arguing over it, but the fact is that we want to farm and you can't farm in the suburbs. It's funny to consider this the suburbs, but unfortunately there are plenty of people who want to live in the 'country' but treat it like a gated community. The land we rented to grow crops on has disappeared and now giant sprawling houses stand in the middle of perfectly good farm fields. The land that is left to rent is so scarce that prices have jumped and we can’t afford it. And lastly, with Gary’s illness and hospitalization 2 years ago, we got so far behind that it became necessary to sell our best 40 acres to pay off the house and get back on our feet. We now own no tillable acreage, though we have plenty of wooded land. And the 'snobification' of the area has created a near-Nazi zoning board who are after us and our 'farm junk' ceaselessly. It is more than my nerves can take.

Many of you (if there are any of you still around) also know that we have had issues with the biological mother of 2 of our kids. It is bad enough to be a legitimate reason to move in itself. I think there isn’t a one of us who wouldn’t benefit from a fresh start somewhere that is still farm land. We have even gone to look at real estate (which is a step, because we have been looking at farm listings online for over 2 years) and think we know where we want to end up.

So that's the news for now. I'd just like to take a minute to remind everyone that we are even closer now to the return of the Messiah, and that time is short to reach those not already sealed in His blood. Spread the Good News while there is time.


NeeCee said...

I am so glad you are back and look forward to all your future postings.

THANK YOU so very much for my Country subscription. I LOVE IT!! Especially now with the snow flying, I can sit and dream of my some day farm.

You are very precious!

Lisa W said...

Oh, the "joys" of farm hunting. :) May you find a suitable farm in a good location and at a very good price (and not because it doesn't have water or the house is rotten). May you find a wonderful home!

I've wondered how you're all doing, thanks for the update.

Blessings to you all ~

Tracy said...

I am sooooooo glad your back!! I have missed your posting and have thought of you many times, I look forward to your posts and I will keep you in prayer that your farm will sell and you can buy the bigger farm with the land you need, that sounds so exciting!!