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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Staus of Blessed Motherhood

As any of you who have read here for long know, I have considered deleting the whole blog for some time. I believe the hour is late and there are grave issues to be watched closely. As a mother of young children, I don't have the time to devote to researching and reporting on these issues as they ought to be covered. I also feel the need to start pulling back and concealing as much as we can about our life.

I was also faced with a feeling of exposure when someone connected to my kids' past found my blog and was using the information found therein in a way that filled me with fear. It can be hard to remember that they are ours forever and legally adopted with no one who can lay any claim to them, but as someone who struggles with the everyday attachment issues, having anyone feel they still own any part of those kids shakes me harder than I care to admit.

The decision has been made, in conjunction with my husband, to leave the blog here, as we use cards for witnessing that bring people to this page and the gospel message. There are also many who ask questions about fostering/adopting that are easier answered once than repeatedly. We have deleted a great many posts in order to protect our kids and their schedules better. We also know that fostering and adopting kids is a calling, and regardless of the number of days left on this earth, there is a need for networking among those of similar convictions. As the world becomes more rebellious and decadent, our kids will be more drawn to the behaviors and people they were removed from.

I apologize for any broken links or missing explanations. Feel free to point them out and I will correct them as best as I can.

Lastly, the only true questions, and what everything I have ever written here points to, is where are you headed? Can you truly close your eyes and pretend that what is going on around you is merely coincidence? The is ONE true and Holy G-d who has laid out the end from the beginning for any who are willing to listen. Do not kid yourself about your standing with Him. He is only merciful to those who have accepted his offer of atonement- the blood of the Lamb. Don't wait until it is too late to find out you are lost.


Amy- mother of many


Al said...

Although I don't follow a religious calling, I've always enjoyed your posts. I fully understand your concerns about opening yourself via the internet. Good luck, and I'll stay subscribed to your RSS feed in case you change your mind about talking.

~Bren~ said...

I am so glad you are sticking around. I can not tell you how much you have meant to me. There have been days, Amy, when the only thing I had to hang on to was that there was someone else (you) living my same existance. (((hugs)))

laurie said...

Amy, you explained how many of us are feeling.

Andrea Cherie said...

I'm glad you're back! I just was clicking through the blogs on my toolbar hoping some of them would be back in business and ta-da! TWO of them are! Yay!