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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Two for One!

I like to check the clearance racks at K-Mart every few months because they carry lines that tend to be more modest. Unfortunately what I found was a whole lot of skirts for $1 each, but they were sizes 3X and 4X, and they were too short to be modest on me even if I took them in. Still, I thought they were worth it for the material alone, and then suddenly I got one of those light bulb moments (you know, where you say 'Hey!' out loud, and the lady next to you backs away with her eyes as big as saucers).

So I got two of those skirts and brought them home. I turned them inside out and put the oldest two girls in them. Then I pinned them to fit all the way down and sewed them. It took all of 2 minutes. Then I cut off the extra, and fitted them to the younger two girls and pinned and sewed them. Viola! Four skirts. Even if you add a generous 25 cents each for thread and electricity, I still got them for 75 cents each. The girls love them- they wanted to wear them all down as 'under dresses' (I think they meant petticoats). And of course, as is built into the female DNA, as soon as they put them on, they had to twirl!


Mrs Amy said...

ohhh I want to be able to sew...just need the machine... :) But I love the twirling! I had a skirt like that on to day and wanted to do the same thing!!

Tracy said...

what a fab idea.. good for you:)

Dawn said...

Now that's what I call creativity! You're awesome!

We don't have a KMART around here...I actually miss going to one. Sure there prices were just a wee bit higher, but it was a nice change of pace besides going to Wally World all the time ...ugh...

You time you go thrift store shopping, you should get plus size long skirts and do this again (if the fabric allows). Such fun!