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Friday, November 28, 2008

Reaching Our Kids

We have had the discussion here and other places about just how to approach salvation in children, as there seems to be an awful lot of 'conversion' going on at VBS that ends up producing no fruit. I have told my children to not raise their hand and say a prayer, but rather when they feel something stirring, come to talk to us. I have known too many adults who struggled with the state of their salvation later.

Berean Wife has an article posted that is the best I have read yet when discussing the way to evangelize children. It is certainly worth the read- if you're busy, print it out and carry it with you to use during a down moment in your schedule. It should be required reading for parents.


Anonymous said...

I think that article was head on, I was one of those kids that accepted Christ at "10" but never come to full grips of the truth until several years ago, So when my own children especially my daughter began to want to go up to the front during invitation, I held her back for several reasons, including that she not make the same "mistake" I did without the full realization of what she was going to be doing... I allowed this time to talk to my kids about Hell and the age of accountability to which I made sure my daughter understood she was at that age and maturity level, I had her read things and understand what it meant to accept Christ and the salvation... Happily it would be several months later that my daughter went to the invitation and fully acknowdledge what Christ did on that Cross as well as His resurection. Even to this day I remind her the importance of staying in the narrow path because of her young age and the way the world would want her to believe or not believe. Currently she is reading a ABC series on the Christian faith and the wonderful thing is it makes them look in the WORD to answer the questions at the end of the chapters.... Anyhoot I can tell I have rambled I hope all is well with you and the family and I think of you all often... Be and stay blessed.

Berean Wife said...


I'm glad you found this useful. I wish more parents would understand how just a prayer and baptism doesn't prove their child is a Christian. There are many who are counting on that despite the fact that their now adult child shows no evidence of salvation.

Because of this being such an issue, I haven't been able to support VBS for years. I have too many family members that were "saved" in VBS and that was it. They claim they are saved but never attend church, read the Bible or show any fruit of Salvation. They are the hardest to reach with the gospel. I'm glad that you are teaching your children differently.

Berean Wife

Fruitful Vine said...

Hi Amy
Interesting that you should post about this. My 6 yr old was led to Christ a couple of weeks ago by my hubby and his brother the 5yr old is anxious to do the same. I question his motivation because he usually wants to do everything his brother does so I've kind of been holding him off and praying about how to handle it. I've not read the article you linked to but I am definitely going there after I write this comment.

Thanks for the birthday greetings. I had a wonderful birthday. Happy Holidays!