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Monday, November 3, 2008

Homemade Chili Podwer

I've always made my chili 'from scratch', though in the beginning I used canned kidney beans and later canned chili beans. When we discovered Mag's sensitivity to soy, we had to switch to dry beans. As time goes on, we seem to get deeper and deeper into the meaning of made from scratch, both because of hidden food ingredients that can cause an allergic person to become very ill, and because we are working toward being self sufficient.

Making-it-from-Scratch Monday

Homemade Chili Powder
dried chili peppers, ground

This is so ridiculously simple it is almost not worth posting, but sometimes the simple things still scare us because we're sure they must be complicated. You can make chili powder from any dried hot peppers, though cayennes and Tabascos do make a really nice powder. Around here the food dehydrator gets used nonstop during the harvest season, so I thread my chili's on lines to air dry. Then when needed, throw a few in the spice mill (which is a $10 coffee mill that I bought during the holiday sales last year) or use a mortar and pestle (which I love, but I think I love owning more than using it!). My old chili recipe is here and here's a wheat-free cornbread. I love soup weather!

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