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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Owl's Nests

You know when you're really in the mood for Cracker Barrel, but the hurricane winds take out power and you're stuck at home trying to devise some way to feed the kids and make up for the disrupted plans? One of the reasons we like Cracker Barrel's Eggs in a Basket is because they use sourdough bread. Wal-Mart sell big, square loaves of sourdough (which we often find on the clearance bread rack and freeze) so I had the bread handy. Because the loaf is so big, I put in 2 eggs, and we started to call them Owl's Nests (because they look like owls, obviously). It did help ease the "sorry we couldn't go camping OR rent a movie OR ride our bikes, all thank to Ike" blues. ;)

Making-it-from-Scratch Monday

Sourdough Owl's Nests
1 loaf square sourdough bread
cast iron griddle
camp stove or fire pit (or if you're fortunate enough to have electric, the top of a gas or electric range)

Slice the bread a bit thicker than sandwich slices. Cut out two holes with a cookie cutter or small glass. Butter one side and place on the griddle. Butter the top quickly and add the eggs. Cook to desired doneness (this will require playing with the heat level) and turn over.

Hooray for natural gas running through the back yard! I was able to use my stove top (though I had to use matches to light it because the igniter is electric) rather than trying to fight the wind and rain outside.

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