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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Truly Blessed

Sorry for the sideways picture- I forgot to edit before I saved!

Here are some updated pictures of my store cupboard. I still haven't painted it or put doors on it, but this is what those massive shelves were meant for. The open bottom holds 20 food-grade buckets. These buckets house the wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, lentils, splitpeas, pintos, and any other large amount of dry goods I come across. The next shelf up is for my baking essentials. I have a canisters for some of the things below (rice, oats, beans) so that I don't have to dig out a bucket every time, as well as canisters for flour, palm shortening, turbinado sugar, corn startch, and others. This is also where I keep my scale.

The third shelf is for canned goods like tomatoes, tuna, and salmon, that are bought by the case. I have my popcorn here, cases of Lundberg wild rice mix, thin cakes, and currently some of my mini clocks, while the hutch that houses them is moved! ;) The top shelf holds jars, both full and empty, coffee, tea, oil, vinegar, paper plates, and extra zip-lock bags. Yesterday was co-op day, and when we got all the items put away, I noticed how nice and full the store cupboard looked. What a blessing to have such abundance. It is a testament to Adonai's lovingkindness.

And you might be wondering how I took these pictures with a broken darling helps out other farmers when they want to go on vacation or need surgery. We always wished there were people like that when we were milking. As it was, my dad had to take off work to milk for us so we could have a 2 day honeymoon. My husband is a very understanding person, and doesn't always get paid in cash. We know what cash flow can be like between milk checks and having to buy feed, pay the vet, etc. He is gracious to accept whatever they offer, which is sometimes gifts they have received themselves like gift cards. We have been paid in grocery store certificates and Wal-Mart cards many a time. And he lovingly passed the blessing on to me this time and told me to go ahead and get my birthday present (early) of a new camera. I felt horribly guilty, which is something I have trouble with when I know how tight the money is and how hard he works. He told me not to scrimp, as there were problems using the old camera because it was so cheap (no zoom and often trouble attaching it to the computer). I was very deliberate in what I wanted. Multi-purpose is always great, so I wanted one with the video option. I also wanted the kind that you can watch on the screen as you zoom in so that I didn't have to either scratch my glasses trying to look through the view box or take my glasses off and not know what I was looking at! I also wanted a color other than silver, because the 'regular' camera is silver, and it was always confusing to the kids when I would ask them to bring me the digital camera. What I found was this one. I really liked the idea of a pink camera, but did not want to be selfish and force my husband to also use a pink camera, so I opted for the blue. This camera also has a memory card that slides right into the front of my printer, so I don't have to install any camera software and fight with it to run properly! We found it on sale, and with a discount, got it for LESS than the first digital camera that wasn't nearly as good.

And to add to the blessing pile, Yahweh sent us an unexpected check so we were able to fix the AC in the house. Our house is a ranch with no basement or attic, so there is nowhere for the heat to go. The AC stopped working last year, but we just didn't have the money to fix it, so we suffered. One night last summer we went to bed at 10:00 PM and it was 98* in the hallway. No kidding! We also noticed the asthmatic kids had a harder time without it, not only because hot humid air is harder to breath, but because the windows were open when we mowed grass, sending the pollen inside. My darling finally said we needed to find out, and if it was too much we should at least get a window unit for the girls' room. It turned out to be just a bad thermostat, so we were suffering for nothing because that was a very cheap fix. That meant we had the money to buy my darling some jeans and work boots, which he desperately needed, and the kids all got new underwear. Our G-d is an AWESOME G-d!


Bren said...

You ARE blessed, coming in and going out!
I have a box to ship you UPS on Tuesday. I am waiting til after my "vacation" as I have been so busy, but everything is pulled and waiting to go!

Sallie said...

How do you keep your buckets from getting bugs? I've heard you should freeze flour and stuff first to kill the bugs but I wondered if that worked in such large supplies.

God bless,

motherofmany said...


You are such a sweetheart! Thank you a million times over.


Freezing will only work on some bugs and only on the ones already in it. It won't prevent new bugs from taking over your bucket. I opened a box once to dump out a nuch of moths, worms, and their silks. Yuck! So I started using pantry moth traps and diatomaceous earth. If you've ever used Bisquick, you've eaten it. Here is a good place to buy it and some info about the stuff:

Don't know where you are in NC, but Sodier's Wife is there as well. Maybe you could become coffee pals!

Sallie said...

Thanks for the link, and thanks for the tip about a blog pal...I'll look her up :-)


a soldier's wife said...

Wow! That's wonderful :) I did a bit of bulk shopping and now have containers of rice everywhere...

Denn said...

Mmmm, I like your blog, I'll be coming back to read up on your great practical ideas for large families.
I am inspired by your building things with wood, I think I may try my hand at building a chicken coop with my son. Do you think that would be way too hard?

Deeny said...

Wow- Your pantry is awesome. I wish I had the Space to do something like that. I have always lived in hurricane prone areas. I would love to have a well stocked emergency supply. We have some but not nearly what we should. I live in the city. I would love to move further out into the country and have more space. Maybe one day.

Tracy said...

Uh, you are so darn organized.. I am so jealous.. how did you get yourself this organized? Each of my cupboards and closets are always in such disarray.. you have given me the organization bug.. that is going to be my project this week:)

motherofmany said...


It was a fight for space here as well. Everything is crammed into the dining room for now, but when I get my dream wood stove, we're going to have a problem...Gary suggested we put the china cupboard in our bathroom, as that is the ast bit of wall space available!


I laughed out loud when I read that (and startled my sleeping recliner hunk) because before I could take the pictures, I had to move a pile of toys, a rolled up rug, and a chair piled with clothes to give away! I am very that specific cupboard!