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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Adonai Elohim-Tzva'ot

As I discussed last year, I have come to almost hate the term 'G-d' because it can be so ambiguous. What I mean when I say that word is TOTALLY different than someone who is referring to their chosen Deity who is female. Or the guy who uses it as a four letter word. Or someone who believes God is in everything and everybody. I have found, instead, that the names He gave himself are so much more personal. And not only do the Hebrew names immediately specify which God you mean, but they are so beautiful and descriptive. As I have been reading through Isaiah this week, I have found myself crying. I know I say that I am not a weepy woman, but this year has been wetter than any I can remember.

To be honest, I had prayed for a change of heart, to make studying the Word pleasurable for me and not rote or compulsory. And this year I have felt that prayer answered beyond measure. I have been reading the Complete Jewish Bible every day, as that is the version I wanted to finish this year. The appeal to me is that it is translated by someone who speaks Hebrew and also lives and understand the customs and the meanings of the parables and the phrases. I also love that it uses the Hebrew names for people and places. The more I study and learn the more a part of me it becomes. I wanted to share some of those names and their meanings.

Abba- Father
Adon kol-ha'arets- the Lord of all the earth
Adonai- my Lord
Adonai Cether- the Lord my hiding place
Adonai Elohim- the Lord God
Adonai Elohim-Tzva'ot- the Lord God of Hosts
Adonai Nissi- the Lord my Banner/Miracle
Adonai-Shalom- the Lord of Peace
Adonai Shamah- the Lord is there
Adonai Tsuvah- the Lord of my salvation
Adonai Tzidkenu- the Lord our Righteousness
Adonai Yir'eh- the Lord will see to it
El Aman- faithful God
El-Berith- God of the covenant
El-Elyon- Most High
Eloheinu- our God
El Shaddai- God almighty
Hakkadosh- the Holy One
HaM'vorakh- the Blessed One
Jehovah- self-existing Lord
Jehovah-Jireh- the Lord will provide
Jehovah-Raphe- the Lord who heals
K'dosh Yisrael- the Holy One of Israel
Mashiach- anointed One (Messiah)
Rabbani- my Great One
Ruach HaKodesh- the Holy Spirit
Shaddai- the Almighty


Sallie said...

Amy -- This sounds like a great translation. Does it only come as Old Testament or does it include both?


motherofmany said...

It comes as the OT and the NT together, though you can get them separate. Here is some great info about it

lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

Wow makes ya think

Jeannie said...

Hello Friend,

I wanted to wish you a wonderful Independence Day. Hope you and your family enjoy this wonderful time together in remembering the true purpose of this date,(which I know you do).... Be Blessed