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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Change of Plans and Visible Witness

First, I'm going to have to switch the order of the articles I had planned this week. Parts of my co-op order were missing and it took SO much longer than we had planned. Since the death thing is already written I will post that tonight (assuming my dial-up works long enough to upload pictures) and actually that might be more timely with the celebration of Halloween. There is a great deal about this day that goes WAY beyond the surface argument of trick-or-treating and not. Anyone who has even had a foster or adopted child who has been exposed to satanism understands that it is a day of horrors, and it glorifies death, so the piece on death with fit perfectly.

On another note, today I went to the store in the Amish town near us because they have a Super WalMart, which carries the rice cheese we use since so many of us cannot eat dairy. And as I have said before, I am not telling anyone else what they need to do. It was just a very neat experience that I wanted to share because it touched my heart! OK, so I am in the store in the Amish town. This was something that made me nervous from the minute we decided to take the verse literally about the woman being covered, because one of my biggest fears is having people think I am either mocking them or copying them. So far, no one has said anything, although I have noticed people whispering a few times, and I imagine that is what it is like for all those Amish women who have been whispered about, so I really understood that desire to be un-noticed.

After WalMart, I needed some baking stuff from Sav-a-Lot for the mission fundraiser my girls are conducting, so I went in by myself (while everyone else had a carrot muffin in the bus). I have never been in that store and not seen Amish people, because it is a very prominent Amish town. Anyway, I was in the canned fish section and a Mennonite lady I had seen behind me came by and said hello, and I said hello. She asked if I was from that town, and I said no that I was from __________. And she looked puzzled and said, "Is there a Mennonite church there?" So I answered her that no, not that I knew of, we attended a ___________ church. Her face lit up and she said "And you veil!" It was not like a question or a poke, she was genuinely excited. So I went on to explain it, that I had not been veiling long, but after my husband and I studied the verse in depth and taken into consideration the original language texts about it, that we could not deny the truth of it.

This woman started to cry. I continued that I was the only one I knew of in my church that veiled, and that I had not said anything to anyone unless asked directly because I did not want to appear to be trying to sway people (I was kinda afraid she was thinking there was a ______ church in the area where the women veiled, and I didn't want her to show up and feel lied to, so I really wanted to make it clear that I was doing this under my own husband's authority and no one else's). She wanted to know how we discovered it. I said that we had made the decision to re-examine everything we had been taught, and that we concluded that we could not take parts of the Bible literally and not others. And she said, still crying, that it is amazing what happens when we decide to just open our hearts and let God lead, so I started to cry. There we were, perfect strangers, crying together right next to the oysters in Sav-a-Lot.

She said a few things about how amazing it was that I was willing to submit to the veil knowing I would be the only one doing it in my church, and how it was such a witness. And that made me smile, because as I have stated before, I want people to see the truth of Jesus just by looking at me. Instant visible witness-accomplished.

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Mrs Amy said...

What a wonderful story!!