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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Women's Health Sites

I have only recently realized how important taking care of our bodies is. Really, just in the last few years. I mean, I knew that it would prolong life and you would feel better, but I think I saw it as vanity to spend too much time on things like food and exercise. And it can be wrong, an idol even, if it is given too much attention and emphasis. But I have seen the truths of our calling to be good stewards of everything God has given to us- including the body. And I don't just mean eating right and not being a glutton. The things we do to the body have lasting consequences, and some of them are an abomination to God. (And I have to agree with Stephanie that the Old Testament isn't null and void, as Jesus said he came to complete it, not abolish it)

So, here are some sites that I use regularly or find very helpful in keeping the temple of God fit, pure, and functioning properly (or rather trying to get it BACK to that state)

This one is for charting monthly cycles. I didn't realize before how important charting was. I thought it was for people who wanted to get pregnant. So much about your health can be indicated by your cycles (plus, it's always good to know rather than be surprised!) but I am not good at keeping track on a calendar, so I have the electronic chart, and I get a warning email each month.

This one is about the side-effects of sterilization that no one probably tells you about (I didn't know).

This one is about breast exams.

This one talks about how osteoporosis starts in young women. Most of us think it is an old person's disease!

I like this site because this is my new favorite food book. The author also discusses why tattoos, piercings, sunscreen, and supermarket food are actually making us sick.

This article is very good about why a woman should avoid a hysterectomy if she can (and why surgery is too often an answer in general- you'll have to read through the evolution garbage).

Here's one on vaccines. I am new to this concept myself, and sadly remember thinking less of parents who chose not to vaccinate.

Here's an absolutely free way to prevent breast cancer.

Here's why my scoliosis bothers me so much, especially considering what a slight curvature I have.

Spring cleaning the body with God's preventatives.

There is a lot of good information out there, and a lot of junk, so be careful what you follow. On the same token, doctors will try to discredit natural health sources as it is a threat to their job, and some natural health nuts will call you weak for seeking out medical advice when something advanced comes up. Balance them. And most of all, remember who the Great physician is, and that nothing happens to you without his knowledge and permission.

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