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Friday, November 19, 2010

Believe it or Not....

I'm still here! Not in Ohio here, but on the planet here. It has been quite a trying year, but we are blessedly settled in our new home. I have many stories and pictures to share as soon as we can get our phone installed so as to have internet access. As it turns out, I will not get the long-hoped-for sattelite connection due to availability, but after everything else we have endured it seems trivial.

I don't want to give too much away because there are too many details that need to be provided with each story, but sufice it to say we have been carried by the Father to a land of milk and honey. We did spend the first night in our new home October 1st, so for those of you holding your breath about my dream of being in a tent for the first snow, you can relax! As excited as I was, there was still an adjustment period. I am closer to the road than I've been before and it was quite loud at first, even with minimal traffic. We are also the proud owners of the highest point in the area, though for a while it seemed we were perched on the edge of a cliff! But more about all that later. Thanks so much for your prayers and I look forward to sharing all that the L-rd has done for us!

Shalom B'Shem Yeshua,


Jessica said...

Glad you are back! Missed your posts. :)

Bren said...

I have thought about you SO much!! Can't wait to hear about your travels and adventures! email me when you get your new phone....I NEED to talk to you! Nothing RAD, so it wil be a fun conversation!

Vanessa said...

Amy! Good to "hear" from you! It is I, absent blogger @ Creative Counterpart. Good to hear about your adventures again. Please stop by and see what I have been up to. We are looking to venture into Adoption! Pray if you can :)

Charmaine said...

This is totally off topic! I apologize, but I could not figure out any other way to contact you. I read what you posted on lionlamb over two years ago. I agree there will be no pre-trib rapture. If people would research it, the pre-rapture theory was all based on a young woman's "vision" around the 19th century and the leaders of the church ran with it. They did not uphold or examine God's revealed Word.
Anyway, I have been having a burden on my heart on how to prepare my children, myself and other believers for the Great Tribulation. Many commentors on that board really missed the point of the post. Many were concerned with the physical body. Do they not understand from current disasters --Hurricane Katrina, the Christmas tsunami, earthquakes, volcanoes, drought, gov't progroms, war, terrorism -- there will be a great dispersion of people! How many cans of food, bottled water, animals, etc. can one lug on his/her back when all you're blessed to escape with are the clothes on your back and your life?
We MUST be prepared spiritually. And that is the danger of pre-trib rapture theory. It renders the modern Christian lazy, slothful, drunken with pleasure and unaware! There are already Christians in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Phillipines, etc. who are going through distressing persecution, torture and of course, death. Why are we Western Christians so smug in our assurance of escape. Jesus promised us we who desire to live a Christian life will suffer persecution. I do believe we as the church will escape God's wrath, but not the wrath of man.
Finally, how do we prepare spiritually? Watch and pray, read and memorize Scripture and Christ-centered songs, diligently tell others about Jesus, obey God's word, TEACH OUR CHILDREN to obey us and Jesus, love ALL people, especially our tormenters and remember we wrestle not against flesh and blood and to look up! Praise God, His spirit is prompting us to get ready in these last and evil days.