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Friday, September 3, 2010

When G-d has Other Plans

I did not come back and blog over the weekend as I had planned. We did go sign papers at the title office, but were told that for some reason the bank would not allow closing yet. We spent a great deal of time trying to find out why and discovered that the purchaser had not completed the terms of the loan for the bank to release the money to us. Our auction was June 12th. The agreement stated the purchaser had 45 days to close the sale. We were patient with the delays and then found out that we are on our 3rd bank with this buyer. It isn't a matter of not having the money, but of not liking the bank terms. They started the process over twice without ever telling us. Now they are playing around with this bank and their terms. We had to call the Amish man who is selling us the farm and tell him, and he is not sure he is willing to wait, especially since we don't have a clue when or if they will ever get their ducks in a row. So we wait. I didn't pray for patience, but the Father has a reason and I must believe He has not forsaken me. As much as I tried to be brave, I did break down and cried for the morning. I ended up with a migraine, which kept me off the computer. We now have to wait for an answer from our seller, and if he OKs the wait, we have to pay for another months' rental on the trailer we are using to store/move our household belongings, figure out a plan for feeding our family with the fall rains making electrical usage dangerous, and determine if Ohio must be notified of our homeschooling intents or if that should just wait until we move.

We parked ourselves at my [parents' house today. We had some bananas that needed made into bread, some eggs that needed boiled for quick lunches, and it is raining. It matches my spirit, though the flame of hope is not dead.

In perspective, none of us is terminally ill, we are free to pray/school/live where we choose, and we have food to eat so long as we can figure out a way to cook it. If I could see what He sees, I wouldn't be afraid, but since I see through a glass darkly......

Shabbat Shalom!


NeeCee said...

Amy, I am praying God smooths the way. He will provide a way when there seems to be no way.

I know your arms are tired. I am here to help lift your arms and continue to lift you and this situation up in prayer.

Lisa W said...

Hello my friend!

I finally found a bit of time to catch up at your blog this morning. I'm so excited by your adventure, yet now sad along with you that it's taking so long. Yes, G-d has a plan and it will be wonderful when you can look back on this and see His blessing through it. Sometimes it's just hard to see when you're in the midst of it. The children look wonderful in the photos and I find myself feeling a little jealous of your adventure - such a change from our own *stuff*. :o)

Know that I'm praying for you.
~ Lisa