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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Open for Speculation

The following is from an email a friend sent me, and it was such good thinking material I had to share it:

"1) The spirit behind the health care bill - these people KNOW and BELIEVE in the power of satanic dates. The last time they tried to pass the health care bill was Dec. 24. It passed Sunday March 21. The average American assumes they are trying to "catch us" when we are not paying attention, but I think it is much more sinister than that. I think these dates have to do with demon worship. - Dec. 24 can be construed as a sacrifice to Saturnalia and the Federal Reserve Act passed on that day so many years ago! Sunday is not the Sabbath, no matter what Glenn Beck says about it, and these people believe in special powers on the spring equinox and the sun.

2) The next few weeks will probably pass without nothing more than health care debate, BUT Bibi is going to be visiting Obama and given our past history with the top 10 FEMA disasters being directly correlated to pressuring Israel to give up her land, I am watching that meeting carefully.

3) Will Israel go ahead with the planned Passover sacrifice on the Temple Mount? Will it only be one sacrifice? Or will daily sacrifices continue on the Sanhedrin's mobile alter? WHO will stop this?"

I truly believe the Health Care bill is a way to move us closer to the mark. I have seen numerous commercials lately about having all your health data on a chip in your body so that doctors can better help you in an emergency. It's not true- they have protocols that tell them what to do in an emergency. It's like trying to convince people that they need to spill all their private info in the census so that the government knows how many bridges to build- they do traffic studies for that! If we mandate health coverage, the next logical step is to mandate record chips so that the health care can be spread around evenly. And evenly is going to mean capping some people’s usage (i.e. letting them die after so much coverage because they are using more than their fair share).

This fit into what I wanted to post about today as I had an experience myself that I wanted to share with government-sponsored Health Care. We do not go to the doctor as often as most families I know. I don’t like invasive procedure, chemically-created drugs, and the invasion of privacy that accompanies most visits anymore (they scanned my driver’s license last time! I didn’t know they were going to or I wouldn’t have given it to them. I thought they were just checking to see if I was really who I said I was to avoid insurance fraud) In this county, foster children who are adopted receive a Medicaid card until the age of 18. I have no problem with this idea because the children were wards of the state, and because of medical issues (known and unknown) a lot of people don’t want to take on the responsibility for kids whose medical history and genetics they know nothing about. It is a fair trade off to give those people complete medical coverage for those kids. Remember, too, that many of these kids have been exposed to drugs in utero and have long-lasting consequences of it.

I have to say, though, that as much as I appreciate having free coverage for them (which truly does cover everything ‘in theory’) there is always a price to pay for something free. For instance, it seems that Medicaid tries to deter people from using their benefits by making them chose from the sub-par. The frames we are allowed to select at the eye doctor's office are ridiculously ugly. They are very thick, orange plastic. Good luck finding anything that is not as big as your child's whole face. We finished the eye exam and the assistant handed the charts to the lady who fits frames and writes up orders for glasses. She was all smiles and cheerful until she looked at the chart. "Oh, Medicaid." And I'm not kidding, she pulled out a cardboard box from under the desk with our frame choices in it.

This is not just one office. We have had the same experience at three different optometrists in the time we've had the cards. We also went to a free vision clinic sponsored by the county (because when you first get the kids, law requires you to get all kinds of medical checks done on them, but nobody will take the vouchers that are used until the kids are officially in the system). You could seriously tell who went to that clinic because the doctor put an eye patch on at least one kid in every foster family that year. We would see one another at the store and know who had been to that clinic because of the ugly maroon eye patches with cartoon characters on them. When we finally got a medical card and went to a real doctor's office (they doctors are always nice, just not their staff) he said he didn't know why they insisted on doing that to kids. Apparently he had been the recipient of many of the eye-patch gang and couldn't find a single one of them that really needed the patch. It made me wonder if we weren’t part of some government-sanctioned experiment carried out on the poorer people because they didn’t have the resources to fight it. It’s happened in the past in this country.

The dentists aren’t much better. This is where I sat for hours while the kids' teeth were addressed. You can probably guess that in a home where mom and dad are busy doing drugs and the kids fend for themselves, oral hygiene is not a priority. I knew the kids would need several appointments to get their mouths fixed, but the amount of wait time was crazy. One morning we arrived at 8:20 for an 8:30 appointment. When the doctor hadn’t shown by 9:30, I said we were leaving and the staff got nasty with me. The office was not very clean or orderly because, being free medical care, it was manned by dental students. If you ended up in chair #1, people would brush past you the whole time because in order to get to the other rooms, they had to walk through yours. Sounds perfectly sanitary to me! And you CANNOT have white fillings if you are on Medicaid. I said I would pay the difference because I don’t want the kids to have mercury fillings. They said no. I said I would pay the whole bill myself and they said no. Medicaid patients cannot have white fillings unless they are the front teeth, and then it has to be approved. Luckily it was all in baby teeth and will be gone sooner or later.

And the pharmacy is always a nerve-wracking experience. Try having a new baby who doesn’t know you and is scared out of her mind AND has a double ear infection, and the pharmacist says he doesn’t want to give you the prescription because he hasn’t been paid by the county yet for the last 2 foster kids' prescriptions he filled. WalMart is giving away antibiotics now! They are not that expensive. It's just sickening.

Then yesterday I tried to make an appointment with our new doctor (we keep getting switched because, like with the dentists, you get people fresh out of medical school who can’t afford a private practice). You join the 'group' and get whoever is a part of it when you show up. Our latest doctor in the practice is great and we really like him, so we wanted to stay with him. The receptionist told me I could not get an appointment with him because the name of the primary physician on our card was different than this doctor's name. It had never been a problem before- in fact when I tried to change the card I was told it didn’t matter who was listed as physician, we could see anybody who takes Medicaid. The kids have been seeing this guy for two years, every time we went in (which isn’t often, but still consistent). I asked her what I needed to do to get an appointment because it was for a sick child, and she said to call the insurance company and have them fax over a paper stating they were changing the name on the card.

So I called Medicaid and after waiting in line for 24 minutes, my call was answered (sometimes I get the recording that says, no joking, "We are so busy we will not be able to answer your call at this time. Please call back another time"). When I explained it all to the insurance lady, she said we could no longer see that doctor, or anyone in that group, because they were at their quota and no more cards could be printed with the group’s name on them. I told her we were already patients there, but it made no difference. She offered to find me a new doctor, and after searching available pediatricians in our area who take Medicaid, she found one that's an hour and a half drive, and one that's an hour drive. Not only would I have to drive too far away for the kids who most often needs seen because of medical issues, I had the choice of having kids at two different practices OR trying to find another doctor with 7 openings. I really hope we move soon and I don’t have to worry about it. We ended up using the MedCenter, which drives Medicaid crazy because it costs them too much money, but then they need to get rid of their stupid rules!

This is what we have to look forward to with government insurance. The stories from Canada about people dying while waiting for help are not a joke. The government does not truly care about you the way they say they do. I have no issue with reforming some of the stupid things going on with insurance, but here’s evidence that a government-mandated system will not fix the problems! It is going to get worse, and I truly believe it is all a cover to carry out their demonic agenda.

So, anybody want to weigh in on this thinking?

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