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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brother in Arms

It hasn't happened yet, but I am sure I will hear considerable back-lash for saying it is fruitless to pray for this country anymore. Many of the people who feel that way are those who believe America, like the Church, is not the receptor of Yah's wrath, so nothing bad can happen to us. Unfortunately, those who hold to this view are the first to lose their faith when something does go wrong. But alongside them there is a group of people, like my brother the soldier, who are willing to risk their lives to defend the freedoms we have and to keep us safe from all enemies. This is such a noble sacrifice that I do not want to give anyone time to believe I am belittling it. Rather, it is the government we now serve (though it is supposed to be the other way around) who make void the long history of personal valor. And I want to explain why so that you see I am not at ALL against the premise of what our country is supposed to be.

Firstly, we are no longer a republic. We were never a democracy, though many use the term democratic to refer to the US. What we are now is an oligarchy. We have thousands upon thousands of young men and women willing to risk their lives because they understand that if we do not meet the enemy on his turf, he will meet us on ours. YET, those thousands of soldiers do not make the decisions regarding their deployment and service. Those decisions are made by the elite few (definition of oligarchy). I have yet to know a soldier who went to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Kuwait, who felt it was unnecessary. I'm sure there are some (there are also soldiers who sign up to get the free education and are then shocked when they are called to active duty), but the military personnel I have heard discuss the situations say we NEED to be there. If it were up to them, we would continue to be there for however long it takes. Not so with our messiah monarch. He has determined their risk is pointless and has promised (in order to get elected) to pull them out by an arbitrarily appointed date.

The idea with a republic is supposed to be that an elected body does the legwork for the masses, based on what they desire. Congress and the Senate quit caring long ago what the people want, and instead have decided it is their duty to decide for us because we don't know enough to make decision for ourselves. The 'stance' of America on such things as the war on terror, the nation of Israel, and the role of the government in such things as the economy and health care are FAR AND AWAY from the views being promoted and pushed upon us by the elected few. We are no longer really free, and unless a revolt overthrows the entire city of DC (and that would be tough because they have taken away our right to bear arms) we are destined for ruination.

Secondly, Yah never spared a nation from judgment based on the holy people within it. He did make that offer to Lot, though it proved his point of why there was no need to save the nation. Instead, he told Lot to get out, thereby assuring his safety. Other times, he brought judgment down hard on the nation while protecting those who belonged to him. This was true in Egypt. He didn't stop the plagues because His people were there, but put a shield around them so that the plagues didn't touch them. A third scenario is that he allows His people to be captured, but he goes along with them into captivity in order to fulfill his plan. Daniel was allowed to be carried off to captivity. Joseph was allowed to be taken into captivity. Both men were instrumental in saving the elect from that position in which they found themselves. Other time Yah allowed His own to be killed while standing up for the truth, thereby proving that his promises, while sometimes covering this life, are meant to be eternal and that he alone can conquer death in order to fulfill a vow.

I can forsee all of these scenarios as possibilities in out nation's future. By all means, pray for the military who is keeping us from toppling over that line into world chaos. Intercede for those in government who have no taste for politics and are truly trying to serve the L-rd and the people. Stand up for what is right- demonstrate, send letters, make calls. My point was only that our government has become so corrupt, and many of the people who voted them into office are now so depraved, that to ask for further mercy on our nation is futile and sinful. If the point of discipline is to bring people back to the truth, who are we to see them wandering away and ask that they not be corrected? If the soldiers are willing to risk their lives to save another, shouldn't we be all the more willing to risk our temporal bodies for the eternal salvation of many? Truly, what is the motive for putting off discipline if not for one's personal comfort? Even if we manage to take back the reins of the nation, if we do not turn away from the sins that have put us here, we are making our 'way of life' a priority over obedience to the Father. Either way, the only answer for believers is to come out of her. We must be separated from the system of this world if we do not want to be partakers of her punishment.

"And if they be bound in fetters, and be holden in cords of affliction; Then he sheweth them their work, and their transgressions that they have exceeded. He openeth also their ear to discipline, and commandeth that they return from iniquity. If they obey and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures." Job 36:8-11

Baruch Haba B'shem Adonai

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