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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Shocked by the Bible is Awesome!

Laurie is my online BFF, because she always challenges me and leads me to just what I had been searching for. I had not told her of this honor being bestowed upon her before, but now I am making it public because she has saved me so much trouble! Her recommendation of the book Shocked by the Bible interested me, so I ordered it. It was on back order so it has just arrived. I am now going online to order more copies. See, this book covers many, many of the topics I have been trying to hash out (for lack of a better term) with friends and family who are convinced that we have gone off the deep end. Contained within the pages of this book are many truths which I have long believed, with references and wording so precise, I will now just give copies of the book to those who think we are mad (read: legalistic).

For example:
*we sleep when we die rather than going straight to heaven
*Jesus did not declare all meats clean
*Adam and Even did not eat an apple (well, maybe, but the Bible doesn't say apple)
*Jesus made appearances in the OT (good grief- just read the first three chapters of Genesis!)
*Easter is in the Bible, but not how many think
*God was not The Father in the OT (which goes hand in hand with the misconception that we are all God's children)

And then there are some I didn't know (or forgot):
*God gave hemorrhoids as a punishment
*people were resurrected from the dead in the OT
*the Ten Commandments were written on the front and back of the stone tablets
*God has a body

I found the book for $15.63 at Amazon (thought it won't be signed by the author like the one I ordered) and plan to get enough copies to cover the first set of people on my list.


Swylv said...

I knew the Ten Words were written on both sides. Learned it from my Intro to Jewish Roots instructors

laurie said...

You are so funny! hugs!
I got it and read it and I'm still learning so much of it. Jesus was the God speaking in the OT? I had NEVER heard that one till I read the book! We have been diligently keeping that in mind as we study our OT. Trying to see if it makes sense, trying to see the implications or if that changes any of our understanding of anything.... If you have some insight on this please share! I understand how most everything else got confused, but HOW did that one get confused????

Ace said...

I thought you meant that Jesus made an appearence in the OT, like as Melchizedek. Is he saying something else? Also, I have been reading the whole sleeping thing too. In fact, I JUST looked up 2 Cor 5:6-8 to correct that statement and realized I have always READ that wrong.

I might get this book.

Many Blessings :)

Audrey said...

Trying to explain that whole sleeping thing to most christians has been very difficult. I infact have asked over 3,000 peaople(through a few yahoo groups) to show me exactly where it says we will go to heaven upon death and not one person could give me the scripture. Isnt it funny how we just assume so many things we hear are truth. This book sounds really interesting. I'll add it to my wish list!

I havent been around blog land much lately, but I think of you often! I pray you have a blessed and beautiful year!