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Monday, October 13, 2008

Breakfast Tacos

I've never had a breakfast burrito, but my husband has and he said they were OK. Well, I have put him as well as Mags on the gluten-free diet because the more I learn about it, the more I believe that's the source of the problem. That man sneezes six times when eating a bowl of raisin bran! Not to mention the tummy aches and other..issues.. so I decided to try my own version of it with corn tortillas.

Making-it-from-Scratch Monday

Breakfast Tacos
corn tortillas (yours or boughten)
sour cream

Start by dicing the onions and peppers (I use two dishes because some like it hot, and some are wimps). For each taco, saute a spoonful of peppers until soft, adding onion about the middle so they don't burn. Then pour a scrambled egg over the pepper mix and scramble like regular. On a different griddle (or in the oven) warm a tortilla. Place the eggs mix on the tortilla and top as desired. My darling tried it with a leftover piece of turkey bacon and said it rocked! Apparently the corn lends its own flavor as well, so I am way better than McDonald's.

The picture is of my serving. I am going without carbs, so I just got eggs with bacon and hot peppers. It was tolerable. I said once that it would be great if it weren't for the eggs!

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