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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Hand of Yah

This is an email update I got from Menorah, a Messianic ministry in Denver. We are part of their prayer team and have gotten prayer requests over the past month as they prepared for a Muslim outreach day on the college campus. Here is the update sent out yesterday as to the outcome of the week. I don't have space to list all of the concerns that were prayed over, but they ranged from weather to the college adminstration putting up SEVERAL roadblocks, and it was all cleared away by the hand of the Master.

Thank you Jesus, we serve an awesome God!!
September 27, 2008

Shalom Prayer Partners,

What a week that only happened because God answered all our prayers and even the prayers we did not know we needed
to pray! Thank you all so very much for partnering with us in this way!

God gave us the favor we needed with both campus administrations, so much so that it was obvious God intervened!

The weather was not just good but perfect with beautiful Colorado days and evenings, not even a hint of rain!

God softened hearts to hear...
My very first conversation Monday morning while setting up was with a Muslim women from Libya who had just received a
phone call from her friend in Libya whom she described as a strong Muslim women. Her friend was telling her how much she now
hates not only Muslims in her country but Islam too. They got disconnected and the young women standing in front of me told me
she was feeling the same way and looked up and saw us and knew she was surpose to talk with us about this. Talk about God's
timing in preparing a heart to listen! The rest of the day proceeded in this manner and all we could think about was the goodness
of God! If you think about it please continue to pray for all these hearts that heard the beautiful Gospel message these
four days, that they will submit to the call of Jesus for their hearts!!!! Each day God sent lots of open hearts all day long to
share his love with and also opened wide the door into Muslim hearts to want to also take the wonderful literature our Professor/
Pastor Scot had written. We will soon have them available on our web site along with a Video that was made of the two evenings at
Denver University.

On Tuesday we had a stage and a sound system that filled the Aurtaria campus air ways with the praises of Jesus in five different languages,
Farsi, Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew and English. I knew it would be awesome but it was much more than that! We all felt the presence of God
descend down on that area of the campus in a most powerful way! After the music began students started coming to ask for prayer and
some with tears of joy and thanksgiving expressing their shock and excitement over having such a bold and powerful witness for Jesus taking
place in such a public space on campus! We are sure some of the students did not really know why they stopped but were just drawn by the
Spirit of God!

Pastor Daniel was powerful in his testimony of Jesus and explaining the differences in the Koran and Bible. Reuben and others also gave
testimony intermixed with music and questions and the one on one conversations that took place all day. We had at least 10+ volunteers all
day sharing Jesus with people. One ex Muslim man from Iran who was at first reluctant to share his testimony changed his mind and was so
encouraged by God he decided to share his powerful testimoney again! Seeing Jews, Iranians and Pakistanis on stage together loving Jesus
and each other was a beautiful picture of True Christianity! Pastor Daniel also had many private one on one and with groups of two and three
at a time conversations with Muslims. He is such a wonderful and powerful scholar and knows the Koran and Hadiths extremely well that it
was a joy and blessing to our heart seeing this man so full of Jesus having these wonderful scholastic conversations all day with Muslim students!
Needless to say we were all exhausted by the end of these two days but our spirits were soaring and looking forward to the next two days at
Denver University! We were praising Jesus on campus from 9am to 6pm!

At Denver University God provided our Muslim speaker, Taj, for the following two evenings. We soon discovered that he represented the
very liberal view of Islam that seems to prevail here in America because Islam is still a minority in the States. Pastor Daniel brought out the
suras in the Koran and attempted to force him to talk about what the Koran and Hadiths actually teaches in these areas he was trying to avoid.
He wanted to talk more about the moral equivalency issues (subpossively in his mind). The format for the D.U. event made Daniel shine in his
expertise and Reuben did a wonderful job as the moderator. We know the people who attended were blessed and the Muslim hearts that were
open had to be filled with truth that we pray leads to Salvation in Jesus. After these two powerful evenings Christians shared with overflowing
excitement about all they learned and even the Muslims asked if we could do it again!! Pray especailly for Taj and his salvation.

God also opened many doors for further ministry and opportunities to continue conversations with the students we met at the outreaches.
A Messianic Jewish student at D.U. came to the events who has a heart for evangelism and has started a prayer group on the D.U. campus.
They have been praying and now they want to partner with Menorah in this. We are going to begin with weekly prayer and Bible study together
on campus and an outreach for Sukkot coming up mid October. This is an answer to a long standing prayer of ours to begin a time of prayer
study and outreach with Women on the D.U. campus.... We are praising Jesus for the timing of this answer to prayer! Another answer to prayer
is that through this outreach God also provided Menorah with an ex Muslim from Liberia that wants to work weekly with Menorah on our campus
outreaches, is this beyond awesome or what!! Please pray for Colleen and Tony as we begin working together for Jesus!!!

We also plan to continue our friendship with Pastor Daniel and his wife Mariat and their ministry out of Australia, Ibrahim Ministries
International. Only God knows what the future holds in this area. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with them and count them a wonderful blessing
from God and hope God let's us partner together with them again. They are a couple that God has and is using in a mighty way to advance His
kingdom. They still have some very sensitive travel ahead of them before returning to Australia so please continue to remember them in prayer.

If you want to continue to pray for us, you can pray for our ministry as the Lord opens doors locally and internationally and for many people to
trust in Jesus for the free gift of Salvation He offers to all! Please let us know if you would like to remain on our special prayer team.

Thanks again for your partnering with us in prayer and support through this exciting time. We pray you too are rejoicing in all
that God did!

Excited about serving Jesus,
Reuben and Donna

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