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Friday, August 29, 2008

The Family Nobody Wanted

As I sit in limbo, waiting for the still small loud and obvious voice from above, I thought I'd share what I did with my evening and night.

A friend sent me this book about a year ago and I just now go to reading it. Mostly because it was lost behind my entertainment center! :( Her mother had found it after searching a while, because she had read it a long time ago and it reminded her of my family. And was she right! I ended up reading it in one night. I laughed out loud so many times, and Gary would ask me what it said, and when I would read it to him, he laughed, too. It was like our life had been lived by someone else 40 years ago.

Apparently there was a Reader's Digest article and Life Magazine photoshoot done of the family. I'm going to look for them. It would be very neat to see the family and read how things turned out.


YouTube video of the Doss couple on You Bet Your Life

Life Magazine 1951 Article about the Doss Family (there is also a 1952 issue with a story about the family after they won a contest and recived a house full of furniture and appliances)

Reader's Digest Article with photos

Still searching for the 'grown up' pictures


Swylv said...

please link the article/phtot when found. How neat!

Bren said...

Does that say 60 cents? I just looked it up on Amazon and it is 24 bucks! I may have to get it anyway!!

Transformed said...

Thanks so much for your post. I just finished a post on my blog concerning the lie that the enemy uses that, white people should not adopt black children. We are a missionary family living in East Africa, and so far have 2 bio kids and 4 adopted. With all the attention we attract, we get ample opportunity to share Jesus through peoples curiosity.

motherofmany said...

I have to admit that we are intentionally trying to find some children of mixed or different races to adopt. I think it speaks much louder if you are truly living it. Many people have prejudices because they have just never had interaction with whomever they feel is different.

Unfortunately in our area, 95% of the kids who come into care are caucasion. Well, not to make it sound like I want more kids to be in foster care! But the few kids who came here of mixed races went home. We have even looked into Liberian Orphan programs and such, though right now we just don't have the funds up front.

I know personally that it is possible to love someone and not even realize on a daily basis the differences in your skin color. It is possible to love someone who is 21 years older and not notice it until someone else brings it up. It's all a matter of perspective.

Bless you and your little ones!