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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Not Paranoid, Prepared

From the week-long discussions Glenn Beck had with Joel Rosenberg about whether we can tell if these are the end times...

"We don`t want to overreach and take every headline that`s in the news and say, "That`s, you know, end time prophecy." But Jesus was asked very specifically by his disciples in Matthew Chapter 24, Luke Chapter 21, "Hey, when are you coming back and what are the things that we should be watching for?"And among the things Jesus said, wars and the rumors of war, one of them was famines, global food shortages. Now, is that the kind -- certainly the kind that you see in Sudan or Ethiopia or sub-Saharan Africa over the years, but you would be watching for trend lines of food shortages and, of course, hyper inflation and other things that go with it. When you get to the book of Revelation, you see all kinds of economic disasters and food shortages."

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