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Friday, January 11, 2008

Test Your Wordlview

Test Your Worldview here

A worldview is just what it sounds like- the way you view the world. But someone who follows Yahweh ought to view things differently than the rest of the world. It might be painful to see the results, but how can you grow unless you know where you are lacking?

NOTE: Read the questions carefully. When I read my results, there were three that I got wrong and I couldn't understand why I got wrong. Two were because they threw 'not' in there and I read it too fast to see, and one I marked the wrong answer from what I actually wanted to say (would you call that a mis-click?). But it goes through the answers at the end so you are not left wondering what you did wrong.

My weakest area was education, mostly because I don't really know or care what they are teaching in public schools anymore, but that is a cop-out. I ought to know and care what goes on everywhere in this world so that I can be armed.


Swylv said...

those questions, wow....I thought they would be biased towards a christchun thought....but I answered strongly disagree on the one about thou shalt not kill means no war because it is really thou shalt not commit murder or take an innocent life .... and the one about studying earlier judges decisions for original law -whatever YHWH is original source of law...see of all the trees in the garden you may eat except of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil - that's a law.

with all that said - I got strong Biblical worldview thinker on my first time through - YAY and I owe it all to YHWH and HIS Torah and the study of it and opening my eyes to stop just hook line and sink her believing as assembly of God furches say....

Praise YHWH!!

Swylv said...

meant to add my weak are was family ... I said I tended to disagree that GWB was prez...I thought we were being spiritually minded and that it should be read that he's really a puppet on a string as we all are because YHWH can do with us what HE wants to accomplish HIS will, so I was thinking it was to help us see WHO is really in control....silly me