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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Calling All Aprons!!!!

When I planned to do this post, I had not idea the amount of interesting stuff that was going on in the blog world about aprons. There are several apron contests in progress, so I thought it better to wait a week.

OK, here's my idea. First, I would like to have as many links/posts of ladies and/or their daughters in aprons as we can gather. I think seeing other aprons is inspiring. Just as our appearance in public can be an instant witness, when we don that apron, the husband and children know immediately we are in the serving mode. Many jobs come with uniforms to distinguish their role. Think about a policeman, a firefighter, a nurse, a judge,etc. You understand what these people do just by looking at them. I think a wife/mom should be the same way. Now, of course, I am not saying you must wear your apron 24/7. Just as those in other occupations change their attire to show that they are 'off-duty', a mom has times when she is not going to need her apron (though we really never have down-time with children). What I am saying, rather, is that when that apron is on, it is apparent what role you are fulfilling.

As a benefit, aprons tend to make the wearer FEEL more the part. I have come to prefer keeping on my church clothes and putting an apron over them to changing into grungy clothes (and even modest clothing can be unappealing aesthetically) because of the way it keeps my mind in focus. I have given God my 'best side' already, and now I will also give my family my best. I think aprons are so feminine and beautiful that every Christian woman should have one. So for the second part of this plan, if you do not have an apron, I am going to give you one. Yep, you read that right. I started making aprons as gifts last year, and have seen so many women experience that difference it can make, so I want to see every Christian woman with an apron. Before you worry that I will be buried in my own good intentions, let me point out a few things. First, I do not have that large of a readership. I'm not looking to turn anyone away, either. Secondly, this is something I will be doing with my daughters as a type of service project. Ladies often donate their time to making quilts for missions or disaster relief. I think it is similar to give to one another. It is a good lesson for them to donate time and effort. I also have a lot of material that I inherited from my mother-in-law, but if someone wanted a specific pattern or color to match their kitchen, that would be no problem.

If you are one of those ladies who has not been blessed with an apron before, or if yours is in disarray, just send a comment that you are apronless. The send a SEPARATE comment with your name and address. I will not post those. I would like to eventually replace the clip-art with pictures of each of us in her own apron. You can cut off your head if you like, I don't mind. I would just like to see a gallery of aprons that we can look at and find inspiration in.

*I am moving the link to the aprons over to the right so everyone can find it as the pages roll down with new posts. We are having a BLAST with this, though I am still wrestling the camera! Hope to get those pictures up soon, and don't be afraid to send in your name and address! It is such a blessing doing this, and we have plenty of material left!! I'll try to get some pictures of us in the apron process when I get the camera squared away.

Don't be shy! Tens of others have done it! ;) Also, some of you have apron twins, as I have figured out a way to get two aprons from a yard of material. See if you can find your match!

Vanessa's Apron
Tanya's Apron
Bethany's Apron


a soldier's wife said...

Hi! I tried to take a picture yesterday of my daughter in her apron and my camera WOLUDN'T work! I couldn't believe it. It's an older digital but I love it and don't want to replace it. I'll tinker around with it today and try to get it to work so that I can get the picture. She looks so much like a little lady with it on ;-) and the purple color is her Daddy's favorite.

Anonymous said...

hi - I am apron-less and I have never owned one before. I am also plus sized and they don't make them in my size where we are stationed overseas.

Jennifer Valerie said...

Hi I just came across your blog and i couldn't believe what I read. I have been wanting an apron for a while now but am unable to purchase one. I would love one.

a soldier's wife said...

Here's a link to the post with a picture of my dd in her apron:) I added the update and the picture to her birthday post since it was a montage of photos about her. I hope that's okay!

Amanda said...

I'll have to get some pics of me in my aprons. I have 4. 1 is a full apron that I made, it is not glamourous by any means! It was made from an old stained sheet! But it's my only FULL apron so I love it. I saw another full apron at a mennonite restaurant I want to get SO BAD!!!! It is beautiful!!! Anyway, I have a half apron I made in a denim with a white ruffle on the edge, and 2 other half aprons I found at a flea market they are both brown gingham with gingham embroidery on the edges. I am in love with aprons!

mamajoyX5 said...

Hi- I would love one of your beautiful aprons. I have one that is very worn. I love the way that I feel when wearing it. I also would love one with the bib like the beautiful ones in the pics. What a blessing you and your daughters are. I am glad that I found your blog. Have a great day.

mamajoyx5 said...

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my beautiful apron. I was having a rough day and it was such a gift from the Lord to receive the apron in the mail today. I wrote on the back of it came from so that I will never forget your labor of love. My homemaking skills leave a lot to be desired, but the Lord knows that I am learning. I hope to pass on domestic skills and memories to my 3 girls. They love wearing an apron like mommy. Thank you for helping me create memories. May the Lord bless your family.

Lisa W said...

I really like your idea here! I'm in the process of learning how to sew. Miriam is taking "lessons" from a friend of hers and having my SIL help her whenever she gets stuck. She made her first dress for herself for her birthday last week. :) I'm so proud of her!!! And in a few minutes we're headded out to the fabric store to purchase more material - she's going to teach me how to make a dress too. AND the other project I've chosen is an apron. I am so tired of dirty clothes because I wiped my flour-y hands on my thighs or bent over something and got "house dirt" on my clothes.

When we get our first ones done, I'll send you a picture of Miriam and I. :)

Blessings to you ~

Lisa W said...

I got my wonderful apron last week and I've been wearing it every day since. :) Thank you! I haven't had a chance to get mine together yet but I do hope to get to work on it this week.

You are such a blessing to me!!

Shalom B'Shem Yeshua ~