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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Amy's Sassy Salsa ;)

I do not like regular salsas as they are 'cooked'. They must be heated when they are put in the jars, and they are too much like catsup to me. I like raw or garden salsas, and they keep their flavor really well when frozen, so that I can have my salsa in the winter without having to cooking it. Here's my recipe:

1 very large white onion
large bunch of cilantro (if you wadded it all down, it would be like a softball in your hand)
4 jalapeno peppers or 1 habanera
12 roma tomatoes
lime juice
pulverized sea salt

You will have to adjust it to your taste. You might want to start mild and add to it later, otherwise you will have to increase you batch unexpectedly. That happened to me once! I was short on peppers, so I was sprinkling on some chili powder, and the lid came off! It was inedible. Not hot, though it would surely get that way, but like sand. Very gritty. So I had to make another TRIPLE batch just to even it out. I like mine spicy, spicy with a very obvious cilantro taste to it. Cut the onion into 8's and put in a food processor with the cilantro, lime juice, stemmed and halved peppers (I leave the seeds in both the peppers and tomatoes), and two of the tomatoes, quartered. Chop with pulse blending rather than just turning on the thing and getting puree. Stop and scrape the sides down as needed. When this is where you want it, pour into a bowl and process the rest of the tomatoes. Sprinkle in salt (to your taste) and stir all together well. You will probably want to eat some right away, since it smells too good to resist, but the true flavor will come out after 24 hours in the fridge. You can doctor it after this time period if it is not what you wanted, and then put into small containers and freeze. Yeah!!! I wish the garden plants were bigger.


Suzie said...

I love homemade salsa!!! It's my favorite, I'll have to try yours.
See You Soon!!!

I really don't understand how you find the time to do all this, you're amazing!

Love suzie

Mrs.Garcia said...

motherofmany ,thank you for the yummy Sassy Salsa Recipe.
I can not wait to make this Salsa.
My Family and I love to eat Salsa.
God Bless,