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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Closet Space

As I mentioned before, space is at a premium here. We have a medium sized closet, but many of our storage items are in there. I have a dresser, but it is not large enough for all of my clothes. So I began to plan some sort of storage arrangement for my side of the room. I had looked at some wardrobes in catalogs, but they were way too expensive. So this is what I finally devised. Anything can be accomplished with a little creativity (and the willingness to 'settle' for less that originally planned).

First, I bought three of these closet organizers. They are a cottony material and have a large sleeve at the top for hanging. I had an old clothing rack that came apart from the casters, so I leaned it against the wall. Then I built a shelf out of a piece of plywood (spray-painted) and some shelf brackets from the hardware store. Next, I took an old sheet that matched the color of the room and cut it down the middle. I pleated the material as I sewed to help it overlap in the middle and to hide stains, etc. I glued the material to the shelf with hot glue and then glued a piece of cording from the craft dept. over the sewed seams. Viola!


Plywood- free because it was a scrap, but I did buy a sheet for less than $13 to complete other shelves
Spray paint- $2 at the dollar store
Shelf Brackets: $1.00 each, plus about $1.00 for the screws
Cording- $1.03
Closet dividers- $3.oo each at Sav-a-Lot
Sheet- free
Items I already had- sewing machine, thread, glue gun, glue sticks, clothes rack

If need be, you could get a piece of pipe cut at the hardware, two pieces of chain about 12" long, and made the closet to hang from under your shelf (as long as the weight would not be a lot and the shelf was properly anchored)

This is where I store my under things and my sweaters. It is very handy for the commonly used things, and also a nice place to put sweaters, which are seasonal but do not weight much.

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runningtothecross said...

Neato! Looks Great!