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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Spring Fever

I am not a fan of hot weather. Once it gets past 70* I have trouble breathing. My very favorite time of year is Fall, followed by winter. I love the idea of being snowed in, with a fire in the fire place (wood stove someday!) and a pot of chicken broth simmering on the stove. And so I am enjoying myself, but I am starting to get excited about all those spring catalogs coming out. We drew up a plan when we first built this house to have an orchard, and this should be the year that becomes a reality. (First, though, we have to finish our pony pasture because one of them broke a sapling I bought and planted in October!)

If I could have anything I wanted, here's what it would include:

Pear Trees
Apple trees
Plum trees
Fig trees
A dwarf lemon that would come inside for winter
Walnut trees
Hickory trees
Almond trees
Raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, and cherry growing along a stone wall
Concord grapes
Canterbury Bells
Purple Hydrangea
Old fashioned lilac
Crimson maples in front of the house
Crape Myrtles along the drive

What will probably really happen is this:

1 apple tree that grows 5 varieties
1 pear tree to replace the one Jack got
Maybe the fig
wild raspberry volunteers already popping up, but along the woods
my grape vine got run over by the mower last year
I have killed 4 Canterbury Bell starts
sugar maple transplants from the woods (free)
Crape Myrtles don't grow in my zone

And while there is nothing wrong with desiring that which is good, I cannot let the probably nots and the nevers get me down. Rather than worry about that grape vine, or the pear tree, or the plants that just won't survive here, shouldn't I ought to worry about those people who do not know Christ? They will wither and die like my Canterbury bells, but the death will be eternal, and I won't have the opportunity to buy another plant and try again. The consequences will be far reaching and much more important than what produce I can grow.

So along with getting excited about my orchard this spring, I am getting excited about the chances I will have to tell others the best news ever. When I prune those trees, I need to mindful of my gentle approach to those who are perishing. When I water the seeds, I need to remember to check back in with those I have left with spiritual things to ponder. And when my trees begin to produce fruit, I had better have an abundant crop in my heart of eternal 'gardening' done for the Lord. Because while he wants me to care for my family the best way I can and work hard, he will not ask me on that Great Day how my trees are doing. Spring has sprung, but for me it needs to be checked to be sure it is in perspective!

Only one life, t'will soon be past. Only what's done for Christ will last. -Unknown

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runningtothecross said...

As we get closer to spring and springtime planting I get more & more excited about trying to have a small garden this year. Last year our landlord plowed up our garden plots in order to plant more corn for his cows. I wasn't really able to keep up with it anyway, but this year I am determined to grow some vegetables, especially since we have had so many scares with salmonilla & e-coli. I would like to grow spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, and maybe a couple other things; I'm not sure what yet. But I do know one thing, every time we have cottage cheese I want a fresh tomato to eat with it!

Right now we have snow on the ground and we got more yesterday.

To change the subject, I don't know about you but I always fix baked beans (crockpot style) and a dessert that my daughter can have for our church fellowship meal. Sometimes I put hotdogs in the baked beans. And, yes, everybody expects them and devours them, except for my oldest son & youngest daughter!

Have a great day!